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October 27, 2014 Happiness is . . .

¡Hola familia y amigos!                                                                               Oct. 27, 2014
My Zone:  The Kingdom of God in Ramos!

We had THE BEST lesson with N-yY- on Wednesday! We have been working with them since before I came. They are really great, and have improved a lot. But they have not been progressing the last little while, because they have not been attending the church. N- came once, and the difference in their home all week was amazing, so they both understand the difference it can have in their lives. But every week there is some difficulty that keeps them from coming: one of the babies is sick, they sleep in, they have visitors etc. So we had a lesson about guardando el Día de Reposo (Keeping the Sabbath Day). It was amazing. At the begining before we started our lesson, hey were chatting with the member we brought with us, and I was having a hard time focusing and knowing what was going on, and was feeling a little bit frustrated. So I started to pray for understanding through the Spirit and that we could know how to teach the lesson, and while I was praying I could suddenly understand everything that everyone was saying clearly. The lesson ran super smoothly and I knew what to share, when. The Spirit was super strong, and they felt it. At the beginning of the lesson they said that they would not be able to attend church on Sunday because they had a Cumpleaños all night Saturday, but by the end of the lesson they said they would come. They did not end up coming, but I know that they know the importance, not only of attending church, but of keeping the WHOLE Sabbath Day holy. 
Me with mi mama y mis abuelas
God is the happiest being alive. And He has given us the opportunity to come to this earth, to learn to be like Him, so we can be as happy as He is! He has given us the guides of the scriptures and the prophets so that we will know His words and know how to be like Him. I know that when we keep the commandments, we will be happy. God gives us commandments because He knows that they will make us happy and help us become like Him. For example, in Exodus 20, it tells how God rested on the 7th day, and so we too need to rest every 7 days. God sacrificed His Son for us, and so we too need to make sacrifices. We can know how to be happy like God as we study the life and teachings of Christ in the scriptures--the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and words of the living prophets. As we apply the things we learn with the help of the Spirit, we will have greater happiness and peace in our lives.

Random news:
-We are going to have a choir! We have our first practice today at 4. 
-We are in week six! Transfers are next week! Crazy that I have already been here for over a month. 
-We had "tramites" this week--all of the new gringas went to do paperwork and pay money to work on our visas.
-I eat like an Elder. We are constantly walking and burning calories, so we are always hungry. Lunch is the most important meal here, and we eat a TON! Two or three servings of everything. Luckily, the members in our area always feed us, and the food is tan rico! So no complaints there. :D We eat a lot of chicken, rice, salsa (not Mexican salsa. Salsa=any kind of tomato/veggies chopped up or blended), potatoes, eggs, bread, fruit, juice. They like to put mayonais on everything--dip the milanesa (best meat ever!) in it, and they have a lot of "ensaladas" that they use it in.  Definitely going to be gordita cuando vuelvo! 
¡Les amo mucho! ¡No olivden leer sus escrituras y orar cada día!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Durfee

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