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Dec. 8, 2014 this little sister is getting ready for Navideno

Dec. 8, 2014

I am teaching Hermana M- music! She told me about two days ago that she wants to learn piano. Well, we probably only have one week left together. So I started teaching her how to count the rythms today with ta-ta-ti-ti-tuu. :) It made the 40 minute colectivo ride a lot more fun and it went a lot faster! When we get home I´m going to make her start singing hymns with ta-titi-tu instead of the words. :)
Actividad de Zona de Ramos Mejía
Speaking of which, transfers are in one week!!! Hna M- and I think that she is going (she´s been in Atalya B for three transfers) and that I will be staying here. We are going to have Pday Navideño this day, and ALL of the missionaries in our mission are going to come. We are going to have games and sing songs and eat lunch and have a fun part. In the evening we are going to have a SUPER AWESOME program focused on the life of Christ and Christ like attributes. There are going to be two narrators, and in between there are going to be songs. There is a slideshow with pictures that go with the words behind it. It´s going to be so amazing!!! An hermana that is a story teller wrote the script, and it is super beautiful and perfect. I am helping with playing the piano, so we´ve been in Ramos all week practicing--which makes it a little hard to do the work. Hermana Robertson says she feels bad pulling the missionaries out of the field for so long, but really this program is going to change missions! So it has to be really good. (Also, it´s great since we are going to use the same program for the Fin de Año Cena del Barrio (End of Year dinner in the ward), with some changes to the words and the music). 
Completamenta mojados!  Super divertidos! 
(Otro Sabado despues de actividad en San Justo)
And the best news of the week is that ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡C- y R- came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are an elderly evangelico couple that we found clapping doors. We went back later, and C- let us in and we got to know them and had a lesson with them. We left them a Libro de Mormón and when we went back, R- had already read up to where Joseph Smith went to get the plates. Now she is in First Nephi. She was excited to find out that Nephi is a descendent of Joseph. She seemed to really like church, and told us to call her Monday night to set up an appointment to go and answer all of their questions etc. C- also has a big smoking problem, but wants to stop. We are going to start working on that this week and talk about how he needs to read the LDM to help him quit (he has not started reading todadvía.) They have a baptismal date for 27 Diciembre! 
Atalya definitely isn´t the most tranquil place on earth, but it also isn´t downtown city like Ramos. It´s a suburb--kind of like Hillsboro, but a lot more jammed together with people living behind and around and on top of all the other people. And there is very little green space--although there are a lot of trees (but not like Oregon). If we have to teach someone outside on the street then it´s a little hectic sometimes, and distracting. But usually if we can go in their house, we can eliminate distractions--like the tv--and it´s good. 
Christmas isn´t a huge deal here. It´s time to get together and eat food as a family, or have a fiesta, or a baila. But it´s nothing like in the states. Also, it doesn´t really feel like Christmas since it´s super hot. The other day it got up to 33 degrees. 

Mucho Amor!
Hermana Durfee :D

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