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November 10, 2014 Con fe todo es posible

¡Hola familia y amigos!                                                                        Nov. 10, 2014
     First of all, if you ever get the chance to eat Cow Intestine...don´t. Ok, so it wasn´t super super terrible, but the consistency is really squishy and gross. Luckily, this was (hopefully) a rare occasion. Por lo menos, it was the first time in almost two months that we ate something really weird like that. And the family is Bolivian and they eat weird things like this in 
las hermanas en nuestra zona
    Second, WE ARE HAVING A FIRESIDE WITH ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the choir I told ya´ll about a few weeks ago is going to sing for the fireside, so we are going to sit on the front row seats! (Unless they change the plans, but so far that´s the plan). We are singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in Castallano (I don´t know what the difference between Castallano and Spanish is, but the Argentines say that they speak Castallano, not Spanish). Anyways, it´s going to be a huge deal--all of the mission is coming; and we have missionaries that are working 10 hours away from the offices, so they are going to come the night before and there are a ton of plans and coordination. (And for things like this, I am really grateful that I´m not an office elder). Also, we are bussing the whole mission to the Buenos Aires North mission area for the conference. I think that the South mission and the CCM  (MTC) are coming too. 
Mi Zona despues de actividad
    Thirdly, WE FOUND NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!!!!!!!!! We found a family (R-A-B-) and taught two of the daughters and 1 granddaughter on Thursday about the Book of Mormon and how we can follow the teachings we find there to live happily with our families for eternity. They lost their father when A- was 1, and R- lost a baby, so this was really meaningful for them. We also found R-l while doing street contacts, and she let us in and was really open and gave us abrazos and besos when we gave her a Book of Mormon, so that was cool. We have a goal this week to have one or two FHE´s with families in the ward, and they are going to invite either their non-member friends, or less active families in the ward to come. It´s going to be a great opportunity for them to start learning the gospel in a non-threatening environment with their friends. 
    Weekly Challenge: Have an FHE and talk about the importance of missionary work and what you will do as a family to start sharing the gospel more with your friends and aquaintances. Use 1 Nephi 8 (see following email). Pray together and personally to know which of your friends is prepared now for the gospel! (Or better yet, have a FHE with your nonmember friends or less actives and have a lesson about a basic principle of the gospel--like prayer, reading the BOM, and attending church =) And then write me and tell me about it!!!

¡Mucho amor por todos!
Hermana Durfee

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