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Dec. 29, 2014 this little sister wishes you a Feliz Verano! (Happy summer!)

Dec. 29, 2014
Querido Familiy y Amigos,

A family in my ward
I have more than 62 mosquito bites! I think I need to buy a little thing of repellant that I can bring with me and reapply in the afternoon after I sweat off everything I put on in the morning. It is hot! Today it is 33 C (91F), tommorrow will be 36 C (96 F)! And it is HUMID. Hna G- and I decided that maybe we can´t go outside, because it will break the rule about no swimming ;). Or we can pray that we will have citas (appointments) all day long. It worked yesterday! Yesterday we prayed that we didn´t have any citas, so we prayed that we would find people to talk with who would invite us into their house. After lunch, we went to the house of one of our investigators, C-, who we taught outside the first time. She was going to bring chairs outside again, but instead invited us into the house where she had a huge fan. We had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation with her and her son D-. C- doesn´t know how to read, so D- is going to read the Book of Mormon to her! After this it wasn´t as hot, and the rest of the people we talked to were in the shade. So from this I have a testimony that prayer works when you work!
A family in my ward
We had an amazing Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with the Familia B- on Friday! We taught Plan of Salvation using Kickball. First base was the premortal existence, and they had to kick the ball and run to second base (earth) where they had to do 5 jumping jacks (because we have to work in this life), and then they had to run to third base (spirit world) and wait for the whole family to get there. From there they had to run all together as a family to home (Celestial Kingdom). It was super fun, and it was a really great way to help all of the kids understand it better too. D-, L- , and A- are going to get baptized on 7 Febrero! 
A family in my ward
The first Christmas in Argentina: honestly, it didn´t feel exactly like Christmas, but maybe that´s a good thing. Christmas Eve we had permision to eat dinner at a members house and be out until 10:30 if they drove us home. We ate dinner with the Familia W- and the Élderes. I think we ate tongue, but I´m not sure. But it was super delicious. 12-1am everyone and their dog celebrated the coming of Christmas with fireworks ("fuegos artificiales"), and we celebrated it by wishing they would stop so we could sleep. :) 
part of my zone with our Ramos Mejiera shirts
Christmas luckily was a Thursday, so we had weekly planning and lunch in our pension. So we didn´t leave until 3--which was probably a good thing for safety and to be realistic--because everybody was sleeping until the tarde. We had a lesson with some recent converts, and went and visited a Menos Activo, AH-, in her garden and ate pan dulce. It was super great, because she has never let us pass before, we always talked to her outside her gate. We are gaining more confidence with her, so it was great to get to talk to her in her garden--except that there was water and mud and 10,000 mosquiteos, and they really love my blood. I had about 50 mosiquito bites after this visit, and I have been collecting them since then. :D Anyway, we almost committed her to come to church with us on Sunday. We passed by on Saturday to confirm it, and she had some problems with blood pressure or something and wasn´t feeling very good. So when we passed by on Sunday she didn´t come out. But, we are not giving up hope! We have a ton of faith that she is going to return, and so we are going to visit her some more this week to bring her to church with us on Sunday! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! 
Love you all tons!

Hermana :Durfee

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