Monday, March 9, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015 48!

Feb. 9, 2015
Querido Familia y Amigos,
   A big thank you to las familias: Going, Morris, Durrant, Bittleston, Tomlinson,and  Grandmas Durfee and Tenney for the Christmas Cards! (I finally got them!! Woohoo!) 
    This week we had an amazing Zone Conference. We got to watch Meet the Mormons, (and know I finally understand what you were talking about, Mom). It is supposedly coming to theaters here in March or April, so Presidente wanted us to know what was going on and to be able to talk about it with the people that go to watch it. 
  On Friday I will complete 6 months (1/3) in the mission! And my companion is going to complete 4.5 months (1/4) so we are going to hunt down some icecream to celebrate. Yay! Because the Icecream of Argentina is WAY better than icecream in the US. I think it has more cream or something? I don´t really know, but it is GOOD! 
    On Sunday we had FOURTYEIGHT people in sacrament meeting! That´s a record! And the room was crammed packed. So our District Leader (who is also in our Branch) told us that we should keep our eyes out for a bigger house that´s for rent in our area. Our goal is to get a chapel built here. To do it we need to have 70 people attending and like 15 priests or high priests (I´m not sure which) paying tithing for a year. I don´t know if there are other requirements or not, but we are super stoked to be working here. The new members are amazing, and are always trying to help us with food, with their families who aren´t members, their neighbors, etc. 
   One of the recent convert families in Familia R--. Y- and L- got baptized about 4 months ago. And they are super faithful and now L- is the Young Men´s President and is working with the elders to activate all of the young men in the branch--since they are all inactive. They have 3 adorable kids, and Y- is a great cook and gives us  dinner every Monday when we go for FHE Yesterday they told us we can bring whatever investigators with us and just call them and tell them how many are coming! So that´s awesome! 
Thanks to all of my siblings and parents for writing me this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved all of your letters!
Love you all! Keep spreading the gospel! 
Con un monton de amor, 
Hermana :Durfee

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