Monday, March 9, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 this little sister plays "The Ultimate Wave Game"

Feb. 23, 2015
Queriedo Familia y Amigos!
On Sunday I´m turning 20. So that´s weird. The great news is that it will be Fast Sunday! The bad news is that some of the members want to pull my ears off—that´s an Argentine tradition to yank on the ears of the birthday person as many times as they have years old. But luckily, most of those people were Hermanos,  and they can only touch my hands to shake them, so I am hoping I am safe!  Also it is the birthday of M-, a recent convert.  He is turning 12 and is going to get the Priesthood! And also I told him he has to make two birthday cakes—one for him, and one more delicious for me! We will see what happens. :D
We are playing the ultimate wave game here. Wherever we go on our bikes, we also wave at all of the people and yell “¡Hola! ¿como anda?” (Hi, how´s it going?) at all of the people. The roads that we use a lot, the people have started to wave back at us. So that´s pretty awesome. One of our new investigators told us that some guy asked us who we were, because nobody else here waves at anyone else like that. And also nobody else uses bike helmets. So we tell people we have them to be prettier. But I think their real use is so that people can identify us—“Have you ever talked with missionaries before?” “Um…I´m not sure…” “The chicas with the cascos?” “Oh ,yeah!!”  So that´s awesome.
We are going to have a baptism next Saturday!! E-, the mom of M-, and V-, his sister, are getting baptized that day. They are going to have their baptismal interview this Saturday! They are super excited, and have already started inviting their friends to it. They are amazing, and understand all of the things and have strong testimonies. J They are going to be a great strength to the Branch. And M- gives us references for all of their family members, because he wants everyone to get baptized! And hopefully his dad will come to church on Sunday to see him get the Priesthood—I don´t think he´s ever come to church yet.
This Sunday was Branch Conference! There were 92 people at church!!!!! We didn´t all fit in the house, so we had to have Sacrament Meeting in the backyard. And Hermana H- and I got to go to Relief Society since the Stake Primary Presidency took care of all of the kids. They are going to call a Primary President next week! Yay!
We already have 11 citas (appointments) for this week! It´s going to be a great week!
WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Tell at least 3 people that you love them each day. Smile and say hi to all of the strangers. Make a new friend. Tell Heavenly Father that you love him. Tell all of your family members that you love them!
Love you all! Let me know how you´re all doing!
<3 Hermana Durfee

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