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Feb. 2, 2015 this little sister estoy en Lobos!

Feb. 2, 2015
Querido Familia y Amigos!

Un monton de cambios este semana! This week was traslados (transfers) so we went on Wednesday to Ramos Mej√≠a (center of the mission) to find out where we are going. I am now in LOBOS, MARCOS PAZ with Hermana H.! We live maybe 3 or 4 hours from Ramos. After the meeting we left with our zone in a bus, and drove past all of the penches and dropped everyone off. We are the second to last area in the zone (the elders in our Rama (Branch) are the last). So we are in CAMPO! And we use bicis! (Bikes). So that´s really exciting. And now I understand why all of my companions have always wanted to go back to campo, or at least have bicis. But, it is still hard to ride with my skirts, because they work walking, but not quite as well biking if there is even the least bit of wind. 

We are in a tiny little branch. We meet in a house that has been converted into the church--there were 39 people on Sunday. But the Stake has told us that if we have 50 people in church for three months, we can start the process of getting a chapel! There are a million menos activos, so we are working a full with them and looking for new investigators, etc. The people here are really receptive and friendly! We have three people that are going to get baptized this month--A-, E-, and V-. E- is the mother of V- and M-, a boy with 11 years who got baptized like four months ago. 

It is super beautiful here. There are a million fields, and space and sky, and horses, and everyone rides bikes and motos (motorcycles). I am in love. :D
Interesting experiences this week: We went to visit a man and his daughter who the hermanas had visited before. When he came out he told us to leave, that he didn´t have anything against us personally, but that he didn´t like our church, so he was going to call the police if we didn´t leave. That´s the first time that that has happened! But it was sad, because I felt like there was a reason that he felt that way, and I wanted to help him overcome whatever it was that was bothering him. But needless to say, we wished him a good day and left. 

We live on the second floor above the carniceria. So we have to bring our bikes up at night and leave them in the stairwell. So one day in the morning I went down and unlocked the outside door, leaving the keys stuck in inside of the door. Then I brought down my bike, and Hermana H- came down and closed the door. You can´t open the outside door without the keys, so we were stuck outside and couldn´t lock the door correctly,  or get back in. We pushed the doorbell of our neighbor, but she wasn´t home. So we ended up sticking part of a box under the door, pushing the key out with a pen (the keyholes and keys are like the ones on Cinderella), catching it on the box and pulling it out from under the door. 

We are also the primary teachers, so that was interesting to try to keep control of a bunch of little kids in Spanish without touching them. Anyone have any great ideas for Primary?

Gracias por todo! Amo a todos un monton! 
Hermana Durfee

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