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Nov. 17, 2014 Milagros son de fe y flia!

¡Hola amigos y flia!                                                                               Nov. 17, 2014
Nuestro distrito for Elder Augustin's bday

We had the GREATEST meeting with Elder Christofferson! His message was about the Atonement and we discussed what it means to preach repentance. The Spirit was amazing, and his message was really clear. He left his apostolic blessing on us and it was AMAZING! One thing he told us is that he always thought that the second coming would happen when the world was wicked enough. But really, the world is alread wicked enough. The only thing lacking is a group of saints worthy enough, big enough, dedicated enough, etc. to prepare the way for the Lord. What will YOU do today and every day to be a part of this group and to help add to its numbers?

In other news, we are now a trio! Hermana M--t will be with us until she goes home on Thursday. She is amazing and I am learning a ton from her. I´m really grateful for the opportunity to work with her. And it´s great for Hna M-o too, because she can practice her English more with her. :)
Hermanas Medeyro y Zomora came to help for the day

R--l came to church with her son K (he has 8 years!) yesterday! It was the primary program, so I was playing the piano. And Hna M-o helped with holding the poster and getting the kids to sing louder--she worked with the primary before her mission, and she really loves kids. She is really great with them! Hna M--t sat with R--l. We have primary first hour, and so when they were practicing all the other kids had a part, but K didn't. He asked for a part, but his mom didn't know about it. So when he went up to say his part she was SUPER happy! He did a really great job! And he told his mom that he wants to have a white shirt and tie for next week! For sure they are going to get baptized! R--l is really spiritual, and has a baptismal date for 20 Diciembre. In our lesson with her on Friday she shared with us about some of her spiritual experiences. She´s amazing! 
Con mucho amor!
Hermana Durfee <3

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