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Nov. 24, 2014 Milagros!

Querido familia y amigos,                                                                                 Nov. 24, 2014

This week we have not had a ton of time, but with the time we did have we have seen amazing miracles! We had to go to Ramos almost every day this week--for pday to write our families, Martes for District Meeting, Miércoloes for Zone Conference, and Jueves to drop off Hna M-t so she could leave to go to the airport! (So that´s why we didn´t ahve a ton of time). 
On Monday we found S- y her daughter L- while trying to contact a reference. (It turns out that the reference is her neighbor). S- attended church and studied with the missionaries when she was 12-13, but then her parents made her stop. We introduced ourselves as representatives of Christ, and she said that she knew and told us about her background and invited us in to talk. We taught her the first lesson about the restoration. We asked her what she knew about prophets, and her first response was that Joseph Smith was a prophet! She has a baptismal date for 13 Dic. She recognized the miracle it was that we found her, because usually she doesn´t come home from work until later, but this day she got home about 5 minutes before we went to her house. L- came home as we were ending the lesson, and she is super friendly and loving! Usually the youth here are a bit rebellious, but she was very receptive to our message. We returned later in the week and taught her about prayer, and she was excited to attend church with her mom on Sunday. They ended up not attending because they went to a different place Saturday night, but we know that they are going to progress well towards baptism!

Yesterday we found a woman named C- who is SUPER open. She has traveled a lot, and knows English and German, so it was really fun to teach her and get to listen to her talk in English a little. (It´s weird, but I really don´t like talking in English now. Especially praying in English. It´s better to listen to Latinos speak it with an accent.) We taught her about the Book of Mormon, and how she could read it and pray to know if it was true. She said that there was no way she would know if it was true or not without reading, and so obviously, she has to read it. She told us a little bit about her schedule, and so really she is busy and doesn´t have a lot of time, but I feel that she will read it. Hna M-o and I both felt that if she reads it, she will recieve an answer and will be converted. And she will be a great help to the church, because she will bring all of her friends and family with her!
WEEKLY CHALLENGE! Read a conference talk from this last conference. Take notes about how you feel and the thoughts that come to your mind. Create a plan to apply what you learn throughout the week. Share your experience with a friend or family member!

-In our Zone Conference on Wednesday, we got all new pots, cups, silverware, etc! We are super happy about this! They are working on updating the conditions of the pensions etc. (I guess some of them the missionaries have lived there for 30 years!)
-We got a new District Leader on Thursday. Elder M- called us to tell us that they had a "Flash"and that he was leaving (He´s now a Zone Leader in Castelar). Our new Líder de Distrito is Elder V-. 
-The church is going to do an AMAZING thing this Christmas (maybe you´ve already heard about it???) They are going to ahve a super cool focus on Christ with a video "He is the Gift," and website ( It´s going to start Nov 28 (this Thursday!). We are going to have passalong cards for this and be teaching people specifically about Christ all of December. Also, the church is putting a ton of advertisments in NYC and on Dec 7 they are buying all of the ads on Youtube for this video! Check it out and share it with your friends!!!

¡Mucho amor por todos!
Hermana Durfee

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