Monday, March 9, 2015

Jan. 12, 2015 this little sister estoy en Ituaingo!

Jan. 12, 2015
Querido Familia y Amigos!
    Sooo...the first announcement is that I got transferred! Presidente called us last Monday after Pday, and told me that I need to pack my bags and be at the office the next morning. So that was exciting. My new compañera is Hermana Gç- from Brasil--one of the Hermanas that was in my district before traslados (transfers), so that was great to already know her, since we will maybe only have 4 semanas juntos. We are in Ituzaingo, Castelar, and it is WAY more tranquilo than Atalya. It`s more like our house, less people living on top of and behind each other, and more green space. Also, more dirt roads--although no mucho. 
     Also our pench is on the second floor, so we are basically dying of heat. It has been 85-95 degrees F all week long, and this week will not be any better. We return to the pensiòn at night and open all of the windows and turn on the fan and try to suck in the air that is cooler. Cold showers at night, sleeping with the fan full blast and without blankets, waking up completely soaked with sweat. Y sì, es la vida. :D But I have decided that we can be grateful for the heat becuase it will help us be healthier, and maybe we will control our weight better. I am drinking water literally all day long! 

We had a picnic on the roof because it was so stinkin' hot in the apartment!
  Hna Gç- only has 2 weeks here, so she doesn`t know the area very well, and we are basically opening the area. We saw some awesome progress with MC- this week! Hna Gç told me that MC- has been investigating the church for 16 years, and that she attends a lot, and the missionaries visit her a lot, but she hasn`t been progressing a ton because it is difficult for her to believe in God when she has all of these problems in her life. But when we went for our second lesson with her this week, she had read part of the chapter, and was starting to stop smoking with the help of her grandson--rationing the ciggarrettes so she could only smoke one every 30 minutes. This is a miracle, because she has never read by herself before--only with the Hnas--and she has never progressed with the cigarrillos either. 
    We also found an awesome new invesdigadora--N-. She is the daughter of a Menos Activo, and went to a few bautismos with the hermanas before. I think she never progressed because she works in Capital (Misiòn Norte) and spends all of her time there--but now she is living above the house of her mamà for this mez de enero por vacaciones! She is super prepared, and we are going to return to talk with her mom tonight, and hopefully also her dad (Catolico) and her, and her novio! 
    Weekly Challenge: Study Chapter 2 in Preach My Gospel and pick one or two ways to apply the suggestions to your personal scripture study! 
    Con calor, 
Hermana :Durfee 

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