Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014 Esta hermanita fue completamente mojada! (This little sister was completely wet!)

Nov. 3, 2014 Querido Familia y Amigas,

WEEKLY CHALLENGE!!!! STUDY 1 Nephi 8 as a family and discuss it! Talk about the different types of people and which one you are going to be. 

   The greatest thing in life is to see someone progressing towards their Heavenly Father! During Sacrament meeting on Sunday Hna M- nudged me and I looked over and saw Hna R- sitting there! She is a Menos Activo (Less active) for I don´t know how much time, that we have been visiting. She has a lot of difficulties in her life, and has to work on Sundays, so she can´t attend the church. But she was there yesterday! I was super happy. :D (I think it might have been because of the rain. Usually, rain stops people from coming to church since people don´t want to leave their house or do anything when it rains. But I think she works selling things outside, so the rain stopped her from working so she came to church!) 
    Side note on the topic of rain:Argentina can not make up it´s mind. The beginning of this week was super hot--in the 80´s farenheight. And now it is back down to the 60´s, pouring rain every day. Which makes it a bit difficult to find new people since they don´t want to leave their house or talk to us, etc. But, we are perservering! And it is actually kind of fun, since we get to use boots and walk through rivers of water in the gutters a veces. But, we also get very wet! Yesterday we were completely soaked when we came home, but the good thing about being completely wet is that you can´t get more wet, so you may as well keep working. :)

    Also, yesterday we had an investigator, R- attend church! It was his first time attending, and he had a lot of questions such as why we use the term "Elder," etc. But he is very open to learning new things since his church is "Escuela Basilica.....???" and they believe in learning always and so are always changing their religion--from what I gather. But we will see how things work out. We can only teach him on Saturdays because of his work, but he is reading the Book of Mormon and believes that it is possible and also that the first vision is possible. 

    This week we found DOS NUEVAS FAMILIAS!!!! One was by street contacting, and then later when we returned, V- (the mother) who we talked to before wasn´t there, but we had a very good lesson about prayer with M- her daughter. I think they are going to progress very well, since they are open to religion, and M- wants to casarse con su marido. And V- gave us a reference for Y- the mother of her other grandson. We met Y- and talked to her for a little bit, and then returned on Saturday to invite her to church. She is very easy and open to talk to, and agreed to come to church with her 4 brothers she is taking care of and her son. She didn´t end up coming because she was sick (or maybe it was the rain?), but we have an appointment for Wednesday, so we will talk to her then!

    Probably the best part of missionary work is getting to see how the Lord works through you to help others make the changes in their lives that they need to, and the joy you feel when people follow through with commitments because you know how much it is going to bless them. And having a clearer idea of your purpose and what you need to be doing with your life. One of the harder things is figuring out where to focus and keeping that focus without distractions from things of lesser importance. 
    Keep up the great work at home! Don´t forget the importance to always hold tight to the iron rod (the scriptures) so as not to be lost in the things of the world! And keep up the great member missionary work! Truly, members are the key to missionary work, and more people will be converted and come to Christ as more members get involved in helping them in their journey!

¡Les amamo mucho!

Hermana :Durfee


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