Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015 Familias

La Zona de Chivilcor
Querido Famila y Amigos!                                   Sept. 14, 2015

Almost started writing my whole letter in Castallano. You`re welcome. 

Wow. Super epic week. We started it off on Monday by grafitting the back wall of the church with chalk, so we could take an epic picture with our Zone. (See the picture) (Don`t worry, we washed it off later;).  

Tuesday, we had the first Reuniòn de Zona of the biggest Zone in the mission--Chivilcoy! It was super awesome and spiritual. We left super animadas (excited?) y con mucho energìa. And we carried that in to the rest of the week, and found three new families! 

Familia 1--Familia M-. They are married! They have four kids, and are super united. We taught them all about the Book of Mormon, and they understood everything--usually they get a little bit confused with all of the terminology, or when reading straight out of the scriptures. We are going back today to teach them the Restoration and to invite them to be baptized! De oro! 
Familia 2--D- y M- Two little girls that stopped us in the street and asked for folletos. We got their direction, and went back the other day, and taught them that God is our father and a little about the Book of Mormon and sang I am a Child of God, and they loved it. Then, the next day we found them on the other side of town at their Uncle`s house, and then we went back later and taught them again in their house. D- started reading in Mosiah and is really excited. We still have to meet their parents--they didn`t want to come out yesterday, since there was a partido de fùtbol. 
Familia 3--Familia P.A.E. They were a reference from their son, who we met outside. We went twice and didn`t find them, and finally we went the third time more towards nighttime, and they were there and let us in. We explained the BOM to them, and the father gave the closing prayer, kneeling. Golden! 

Love you all lots! Keep reading your Book of Mormons! Suerte por todos los alumnos empezando la escuela otra vez! Stay tuned for more adventures next week! 
Love, Hermana Durfee

P.S. "Atheism is a non-prophet organization!" --Pte Robertson jajaja

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