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July 6, 2015 Bleach, Bicycles, and Bautismal Dates

Querido Famila y Amigos!                               July 6, 2015
Wow what a crazy week! Haha, like always! With all of the travel time and meetings and things, I was probably out of my area for a total of 4 days this week! But, the Lord loves us still, and always blesses us with tons of miracls. :)
On Tuesday I did divisione in Las Heras with Hermana C-. She is a sweetheart, and it was a ton of fun to get to work with her again! Wednesday was full of running all over the place and teaching a million lessons, then returing a little early to the pench to finish bleaching the ceiling. (Hermanas T- and P- started on Tuesday. We had a ton of nasty black mold growing all over the ceiling, so we called the pensionero, and he called the fix-it guy for us. But they told us that we had to bleach everything first.) So that was a fun adventure. We had to put the bleach in a squirt bottle and stand under an umbrella while we sprayed the ceiling so it wouldn´t get on us. But, when we were done, the ceiling turned white again. So I´m not sure why the cleaning guys had to come clean afterwards...But on Thursday they came and cleaned and fixed things for a few hours while we went out to work. It was super exciting, since we were biking along,
minding our own business, and BANG! It sounded like a gunshot, and I thought that someone had shot at us (which would be super unlikely anyway), but when I looked over I saw Hna P-´s bike tire go flat in 3 seconds! It was crazy!! I think she ran over some glass or something...but the tire just exploded! When we came back, the whole pench looked amazing, and everything was fixed! The only problem is that we found out that some of our clothes got bleached. But they were really good about it and said that they would pay for it. So today we got to go shopping!! Yay new clothes! So the rest of Thursday we ate lunch and did our weekly planning on the roof so that we wouldn´t be breathing in the Bleach. And then we left in the evening to take the colectivo to Ramos Mejía to spend the night. Friday was Concilio de Líderes. It was really awesome. Presidente talked about a ton of topics, and the asistentes taught us about how to work with the better. We are going to teach the rest of the Zone all of the awesome things that we learned on Tuesday ni our Zone Meeting. Saturday was the FOURTH OF JULY!! Yay! We didn´t really do anything to celebrate, other than wear red, white, and blue. But we possibly thought patriotic thoughts...hahah. We had to go home early, since there was a partido de fú case things got a bit crazy if they won. So we cleaned up the pench, and cleaned our Area Book too a little, like Hermana Robertson taught us in the Concilio.
Miracles of the Week:
--We had FORTY SEVEN people in church! We had two investigators and one menos activa that came, and the Elderes had a ton of investigators and Menos Activos and Conversos Recién too. Our Menos Activa, E-C- and our Coverso Recién L-L- both shared their testimonies, and it was super linda! L-L- almost cried. I´m goig to miss them! (Transfers are next week--aaaahhh!!!)
--G- accepted a fecha bautismal! She doesn´t know much about religion, so she baptized her kids for tradition, but didn´t understand why. Now she understands, and accepted the invitation! We are going back this week to talk a little bit more about it, and to help her understand what a privilege it is to be able to be baptized and the requirements to do it.
--We don´t have any more mold in our pench! Yay!
--Argentine landscape!!

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Keep a daily journal every day of all of the tiny blessings and miracles that God has given you. Remember to thank God in prayer for all he has given you.
Love you all lots! Disfruten su semana!!
<3 Hermana Durfee

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