Monday, September 14, 2015

March 30, 2015 Semana loca

South Seaside in Mar del Plata
Querido Familia y Amigos,                                                        March 30, 2015

What a craaaaaaazzzzzzzy week! On Monday we were rushing from an appointment to a Noche de Hogar (FHE), so we were going fast in the almost dark on a dirt road. And thne Hna H- got chased by a dog (which she is afraid of), so she put on the brakes and fell and banged up her knee. So it is still healing, but it looks a lot better now than it did. 

On Tuesday I had divisiones with Hna T- in Las Heras. They were great and in the nighttime my companion and the HLE (Sister Training Leader) came to sleep in the pench in Las Heras with us so that we could get up early Wednesday to go the the Capacitación Especial. The Meeting was SUPER great. Presidente Robertson told us about the South America South area´s new goals: 1-Significantly increase the amount of worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holders that pay tithing and fast offerings, and 2-Significantly increase the assistance in Sacrament Meeting. So have now been instructed to focus on men, and that we will find the other people that are ready for us in the way. The good news is that for once we have a ton of men investigators, and one of them is SUPER great, and I know that he will get baptized while we are here! 

On Thursday we finally found ML again! She is a converso recien, who stopped coming to church. When we would go to her house to try and visit her, her kids would come out and tell us that she didn´t want anything else to do with the church. But we felt that that was really their desire, and not hers. So we finally found her there without her kids, and she let us in and was the same as always. What happened was that she was sick before, so she wasn´t working (she´s a nurse). But since she´s gotten better, she has started working every Sunday except the first of each month so that she will have enough money to fix her house so that it is warm before it is winter. And so she will stop working Sundays in maybe a month or two. But she told us that she will come to General Conference this weekend! So that was a miracle! 
Friday was exciting because 1-we got a new investigator who is a man, and 2- he has some ideas that are a little bit weird. We were explaining the first vision, and then he decided that Joseph Smith saw two shiny short aliens from another planet. And then he "remembered" that Mormons come from another planet (at first he thought we were the pilgrims--haha). And then he thought that my comp was from another planet since she has white white hair and her parents have brown hair. "Where do you think your hair came from??" So I made her show him the picture of her whole extended family who also have all white hair, and then (hopefully) he believed that she really is from the states. 

On Saturday we went to the new house of L y Y. They are conversos recien of the hermanas, but they lived on the side of the Elders. So the first exciting thing is that they moved to our side! So now we can visit them more! And the second really exciting thing is that it is a HUGE super nice house. (Before they were living in a tiny, cramped, dirty house). It is out in campo and has space for a garden, I think there are fruit trees, and it would be perfect for activities for primary or young men´s (they are the presidentes of both of those). And the REEALLy great thing is that they got the house basically for free! L- builds houses, and he said that the built that house for a rich lady, and then afterwards she gave him the keys and wants him to live in it with his family. He is going to pay a "rent" every month, but really it will go towards paying off the house until it is his! And the REAAAAALLLY great thing is that they recognize this as a blessing for living the gospel! They are SO awesome! The other crazy thing is that the Assistents called us in the night and asked to talk to Hermana House, and I KNEW she was getting flashed. So we had to go today to Ramos Mejia (which took like SIX HOURS in remis to get there and back!) to bring her to her new companion. My new comp is Hna T- that was in Las Heras. This is only her second transfer, so I am finishing her training--which makes me a madrastra! (stepmother) Hna T-´s other comp is going home a little bit early to pick up her sister from her mission. 

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Prepare for General Conference!! Write down questions you want answered, pray about them, study them out, listen to-watch ALL of the sessions of conference! And also remember Christ on Sunday since it will be Easter! 
Love you all lots! 
Hermana Durfee

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