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March 16, 2015 Sigue al profeta!

Dear Familia y Amigos,                                               March 16, 2015

    Yesterday was the greatest day in church!! We finally got our Primary President--one of the recent converts (as of like 6 or 7 months). And we had like 10! kids! So we actially had real primary instead of just coloring time. :) We assigned the stuff before time, but the boy that was supposed to give the talk didn´t show up. So we skipped that this week. But we all said the 1st aricle of faith several times--we are working to help the kids memorize (or at least know) all of them. So we are starting with number one and reading it every week until we get it. We also taught them "Follow the Prophet"--the first verse about Adam. So we also taught a little bit about what a prophet is and who Adam was. And then we gave pictures of different scripture prophets to all the kids, and we all marched around the table and sang Follow the Prophet while we followed our prophets. It was pretty great. Then we read them the story of Joseph Smith in the kids´scripture reader. And THEN we gave them the things to color. Half way through the second hour, our mission presidente, Presidente Robertson walked in (the primary room is also the room with the front door). He said that we always said such great things about this branch that he wanted to come see it personally. I just wished he had come a little earlier when we were all marching around the table--haha. Then for Sacrament Meeting I had to give a talk, and so did my companion. Presidente F- (the branch president) told me about mine on Tuesday. And then he sent us a text yesterday morning--and I said "Oh, this is President calling to say that I don´t have to talk!" I went and looked at the phone and laughed and then told Hna H- that it said that she had to give a talk too, since someone had bailed. She didn´t believe me until she read it for herself. Presidente Robertson also gave a brief message, which was really good. The sacrament was also really special, since it was MA-´s first time, (he´s the 12 year old who is a recent convert and just got the priesthood). It was also D´s- first time--he is a blind man. And so MA- helped D- to know where he was going. It was really cool and reminded me a lot of the love of God and Christ for us. Two of our recent converts, L- and N- got the Melchizedek Priesthood last night!!
Miracles of the week: 
--M- finally listened to us! He is the marido of E-´s younger daugheter. (That means they are juntada and not married). He has never listened to us before, and never wanted to. But he was finally there at the same time that we went there. And so we invited him to sit with us, and he listened! 
--We found one of the Menos Activos we have been looking for the whole last transfer!! We always knocked his house, but he was never home. There is an old man that always sits outside ont he other end of town, and we always wave when we pass him. This time when we passed him, he said "Hola Hermanitas!" So we stopped and went back and started talking to him, and found out that it is the Menos Activo we´ve been trying to find!  He is super good, and wants to come back to church.His only obstacle is that he works all night long, and he is old, so he cannot wake up in time to make it to any of the meetings. 
--C- is an investigator who has had a hard time believing in God because her sons fight and she doesn´t understand why God would give her these afflictions, etc. So she got rid of all of her virgins and crosses and pictures of Christ and everything. And she told us that she never lets any other religion in. But she let us in. And on Tuesday we passed her in the street, so we stopped to see how she was, and she said that both of her sons had come to visit at the same time, and that they got along well and didn´t fight and everyone was happy. And she said that she had been reading the pamphlet we left, and praying like we taught her!! 
--Yesterday we had 51 people in Sacrament Meeting --Record!!! And it was AWESOME! But we have way more women than men. We need to get some more male converts so we can grow the branch better. :) 

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Keep a miralces journal! Look for the miracles every day, record them, share them with someone else, give thanks to Heavenly Father for giving you these experiences and for helping you recognized them! 

Mucho amor!! 
Hermana Durfee <3 


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