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June 1, 2015 LOBOS IS EXPLODING!!!!

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                      June 1, 2015
     LOBOS IS EXPLODING!!!! This week we set a super low goal for new investigators because of
how many investigators we already had, but we found TEN new investigators!!! That´s the most investigators I have found in a week in my whole mission! So now we have an awesome problem...we have about 20 investigators, and we don´t have time to teach them all more than once or twice a week. Which will make it hard for them to progress. BUT we have been thinking of ways to solve this problem! Some of our ideas are to start doing divisiones with the hermanas of the rama, start having super short lessons so that we can get more in one day, start scheduling an hour a day to call people that we haven´t been able to visit in a while, get the members super involved, have a noche de hogar in the church once a week and invite all of the investigators so we can have a lesson with all of them and have some contact. Whatever we end up doing, we are going to have to start being super duper eficaz with our time. 
    Traslados (Transfers) are on Wednesday! We got the call this morning about what would be happening, and crazily, I AM STAYING IN LOBOS!! Que en el mundo!!!???!!!??!? This will be my fourth traslado here, so unless I get flashed (fast change), I will be in Lobos for SIX MONTHS. But the good thing is that I still love it! And we are going to see un monton de milagros este traslado!! Woot! We are super pumped to be able to keep working together for a little while more! But, we also get the fun of going to traslados since I am the HLE, so we have to go, and also because we are going to have Concilio de Líderes after. So we will be traveling ALL of Wednesday, basically. 

Milagros de Lobos: 
--We have an investigadora, R-, who was not progressing, and was not understanding very well. She is 72, so it was difficult for her to grasp the concepts or to remember them. But last time we invited her to be baptized, and this time she said that she will come to church, and understood a little bit better about baptism. We were going to drop her after this visit if she didn´t make any progress. But now we are going to work with her a little more to see what happens. The amazing thing is that the difference was how we taught her--when we taught with more faith and love and concern, she responded better and understood better! She has 22 brothers and sister! (Although like half of them have already passed away). But we have started teaching one of her sisters and her daughter-in-law and granddaughters as well. 
--UN RE MILAGRO: We found L- a couple weeks ago in the house of her neighbor. She is 12. She told us that she doesn´t really believe in God, and doesn´t know much about him. So we taught her about who he is, and how to pray. Fast forward to this Monday. We felt that we needed to go over and visit them. We met her mom, M-, and she told us all about her life, her needs, etc. without us even having to dig anything out. Then L- came out with the pamphlet we had left her before and asked if we could pray, and did it PERFECTLY!!! She has been practicing!! We started to teach the Restauration, but then L- told us that she wants to be Mormona, and what does she need to do. I immediately said "Get Baptized". So we explained all about that. M- wants her to get baptized, but wants her to make sure that she is sure, and that it´s not just cualquier cosa. Which is how it should be! M- said that she would also get baptized, but that she is going to take more time, to make sure. L-´s Dad is the boss of the Rama´s First Counselor. And he loves the way the Hno lives, and told him that we are teaching L- and that he wants her to continue and to be part of the church!! 
--We have been working with a Menos Activo, A-, for a while now. He is in his 80´s, and works nighttimes, so it is super hard for him to come to church. He also has problems seeing, so we started going to visit him to read him the Book of Mormon. And he has started reading on his own!!! Which is super amazing! I know that the Book of Mormon has such a power, and that really anyone that reads it with true intent will have progress! 
--The mission blew it´s goal for baptisms this month out of the water!! Hahah. We got 83 baptisms, and the goal was 75!! Woooooooooot!
--Our Converso Recién, L-, is progressing amazingly! We retaught him Plan de Salvación this week, and he understood it perfectly and had a lot of really great questions! He understood it perfectly, and we are going to start bringing him out with us to teach people in a little bit. He is progressing really well and preparing to receive the Priesthood! 
--G- is a woman that we have been working with for a while now. She doesn´t have a lot of education, so it is a little difficult for her to understand sometimes. But she is REALLY progressing! We passed by to see how she was yesterday, and she came out, was happy to see us. She said that she has been reading the folleto (pamphlet) that we left her, and also the Book of Mormon. And also that her marido--who we haven´t met with much since their horarios are different--has read a little bit of the BOM too and said that it is true!! She also said that she wants to come to church, and that if she likes it she will come siempre!!!! She also gave us the reference for her sister, and she let us come in and talk to her--even though she doesn´t normally like to listen to religious type people. She said that she let us in because G- told her it would help her, and also because she sat in on a lesson with G-, and she like it. Yaya!
--We found a super awesome woman, ML-, she was a reference from L-. She said that she loves the change that she is seeing in him--even to the color of his skin and state of health (Thank you Word of Wisdom!). She has a ton of faith, and knows the Bible really well. She leads the Bible class at the most prominent Evangelico church in Lobos (it has 300 people that attend regularly). But she was also humble and open to talking to us. We taught her the Restauration, and left her a Book of Mormon. I know that if she reads it, she will know that it is true, and she will get baptized! 

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Keep a Miracle Calendar! Write down each day the miracles that you have seen that day, and share them with someone else! 

Love you all lots! Ya´ll are amazing! 
Hermana Durfee

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