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April 27, 2015 Finding Treasures in Lobos

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                         April 27, 2015
Wow, what a week!
I am now the Hermana Líder Entrenadora (Sister Training Leader) of Marcos Paz! So that means I have to go to the Concilio de Líderes on Friday. Which might possibly complicate some of the citas and things we have this week. But we´ll figure it out! :D
On May 17 will be the dedication of the Cordova temple! And we are going to it! Woohoo!
Firstly, L- is progressing AMAZINGLY!! We taught him twice this week—Law of Chastity and Baptism and Confirmation. He is en acuerdo (how do you say that in English?) with all of the things we have taught him, and is super excited to cumplir con todo. He told us that he studies the Book of Mormon three! times a day. And he prays every day. And he has started to give us referrals on his own—for his sons and one of his nieces. He also told us that he thinks about his baptism every day, and that he really notices the difference in his life—he has so much more peace now. I notice the difference too! He changed his baptism date for 9 Mayo so that he can go to the temple dedication the week after! I am so excited for him!!
We have found a bunch of new people this week! We found a family that is SUPER Catholic, L- y J-. But unlike the Super Catholics that we usually find that are obsessed with virgens and walking to Lujan, and other rituals or organizational things like that, we feel like the thing they like more is the doctrine. And they told us there are things that they don´t like about their church (maybe like the actions of some of their leaders?). We shared the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with them, and they said that they will read! They said that there is no reason to be scared or closeminded. So we will see where this goes!
We decided we need more room to dry our clothes, so Hna P- put some string between some of the curtain rods. Hopefully it will actually work! Haha.
WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Study the talk “Beware of Pride” by Presidente Benson. (You can find it hereà Analyze your own life and the things that you can do to be more humble and to eliminate the burden of pride from your life!
Les amo un monton!
Hermana Durfee

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