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July 19, 2015 Chau Chauuuuuuu Lobos!

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                            July 19, 2015

Wow. Que locura! They told us the transfers last night, and needless to say, I did not sleep super great. (Which means that I rolled around a little, instead of like a rock ;). They told me that I am leaving Lobos (which I already knew), and that I am going to be training! Aah! That means that I will also be opening an area! So that´s going to be super interesting. But I know that this is what I need to learn and grow some more. And I know this is what the Lord wants for me, and I feel good about it. Looking at the pictures of the new misioneras, there are two options--one is an Americana, and the other Brasilera. So we´ll see what happens. But that also means that there are a million and one things to do today! But first, a couple milagros from this week: 

Yesterday we fasted that we would be able to find more nuevos investigadores this month to be able to baptize more and help more people. We went to a cita that we had, but she wasn´t there, so we decided to contact a reference that we had. It wasn´t super clear, so we started contacting houses to try and find the reference. We clapped outside a house just when it started to rain, so she let us in. We started to teach her, and found out that she really needs the gospel! And her daughter was just leaving, and we saw her and realized that we already knew her--she was a reference from the Elders that they found working in a tienda. But we had no idea where she lived. At the end we asked for her apellido (last name), and realized that it is the same as our converso recién! She´s his cousin! So that was awesome! She hasn´t seen him since about three months ago, before we found him. So we are going with him next time to show her the grand difference that the gospel can make in her life! 
When it rained and flooded the street outside!

Then it was pouring rain, but we had a cita so we went anyway. They came to the door and let us in, even though they didn´t even really know who we are (She was a contacto). We entered and found FIVE men inside, along with the young woman who we contacted. Which was AMAZING! The South America South area has two goals: 1-To increase significantly sacrament meeting attendance, and 2- to increase the number of priesthood holders=baptize more men! So that was incredible to find such a large family of men! We got to teach two of them with their sister since the rest had to go work right then. BUT, we are going back, and it´s going to be amazing! 

I am super grateful for the opportunity to serve in Lobos! It has truly been the best thing ever! Lobos seriously heals your soul. 

Bueno, no tengo más tiempo! Le amo a todos! La iglesia es verdadera! 
<3 Hermana Durfee

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