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May 11, 2015 Cuz I'm Happy . . .

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                         May 11, 2015
It was awesome getting to talk to all of the family--including Tyler! yesterday. Happy Mothers´ Day Mom! Thanks for being the greatest mommy evvvvvveeeeerrrr!!!!! Thanks for all of your love and support and for the great example you are for me and for everyone else. You are the best! 
This week has gone by super fast. Next Saturday L- is going to get baptized! He is progressing SUPER well. Thursday night we held a movie night for the branch, and a lot of members came! L- was our only investigator that came--but at least we invited lots! We showed Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restauration. There´s a part where someone in the movie reads the scripture that all men need to repent and be baptized in the agua. L- turned around when it said that and pointed at himself and said "yo!" (me). He is sooo ready to get baptized! So excited! That is probably the best part of the mission--to see the change in someone, from where they started to where the end up, and where they are going! It´s interesting too, since for a while he was concerned what all of his aquantainces were going to think--"Oh, L- is suddenly going to church! etc.", but now everyone he knows--including his children--are saying that they like the changes they are seeing in him and encouraging him to continue! He has also started giving us references of his own accord. One of these was his niece. We went and visited her and found out that she is an antiguo investigadora and that her family is SUPER duper united! They would make great members! 
On Tuesday we had our Zone Meeting, and I gave my first taller about using the Carpeta de Área (Area Book)to get revelation and inspiration--like the Liahona. (I kind of stole some of what I said from the Elders that presented that topic at the Concilio de Líderes.) My comp said that it went really well, so that´s good. :) We also talked about verifying that the investigators understand what we are teaching. We have started implimenting these tools more in our teaching, and they are really helping us.
Being in the Primary is also helping us to develop our teaching skills--helping us to teach more simply haha.  This month we are teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and last week we taught them faith. We were trying to figure out how to teach them this, since most of the kids are three or four or five. We were thinking about talking about seeds, but we didn´t know exactly how we wanted to do it. When we got to church an idea came to me how to do it. We had the kids squat down like seeds and act out how a plant grows. And then we talked about what we can do to grow our plants: not yell in the church (haha), be nice to our siblings, obey our parents, read the scriptures, pray, etc. It was a super great lesson. I feel like we are really getting a hang on how to teach the primary! Now we just need to help the Primary President be more involved....
Tomorrow we are having special capacitaciones and interviews, after that until Wednesday afternoons I am doing divisions with the hermanas in my Zone, on Sunday we are going to the Stake Center again for the dedication of the Cordoba Temple!!! Super excited! Wooot! So we are going to have tons of time away from our area this week--aah! But we are going to see a million miracles this week. So it´s ok. 
WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Write a note of thank you to your Heavenly Father. Express your love and admiration for Him. Share it with Him in prayer. <3
Love you all lots! Keep going strong! Helaman 3:35
Hermana Durfee

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