Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015 Semana Milagroso! (Week of Miracles!)

Jesus Christ standing outdoors in white robes in the Americas while the people gather round to look at the wounds in His hands.
Jesus Christ's visit to the Nephites in the Americas -
3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon

 Sept. 28, 2015
Querido Familia y Amigos!
This week has been super milagroso! We had divisiones on Tuesday, and they were super èxitoso! I was with Hermana G-in half of Bragado, and Hermana F-and T-went in the other half. We already had some goals set down, but we decided to pray about them and re-put some of them. Originally we had the goal of 3 new investigators, but after praying we decided to put 10, and we found 5. I learned a lot from Hermana G-: 
1- She taught me that the first lesson doesn`t have to have a prayer, so that makes it a lot easier to start teaching in the door and end with a prayer and have an automatic new investigator. 
2- This approach also helps with contacts. I have always known the principle that we need to start teaching right away when we contact someone, but I never understood it very well (probably since I never applied it very well). But this time we were focused completely on the Book of Mormon, and teaching the people that, seeing if they would read the book and therefore progress. So that helped a lot to know of something specific to teach and testify in the first contact. Hermana G- also taught me that it`s important to not only tell the people that the BOM is like the Bible, and it talks about God, etc., but to tell them how it has helped you personally, and relate the stories to their lives and help them to see why it could be important for them. We have been applying this a lot more in the contacts, and we have found more new investigators than ever--12! It has also really increased our number total of lessons taught--this week we had 27!! Knowing what to talk about in the contacts is also helping me to be more bold and talk to more people, since I already have an idea of what I want to talk about. It is also making our bags heavier, since we are bringing more BOM`s with us, but we are coming home with less! 
3-To write my vision--she showed me part of her vision that they had them write in the MTC, and I love the idea. You have to write what you want to be as a missionary, or in your life in general, and you have to write it in present tense. For example: I am bold. I am diligent. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. etc. 
4-I learned that Elder Teixeira taught the lìderes about the importance that the Latinos really learn English, and that it will open the doors for them. So we are working to speak more English and to help Hermana F- actually learn it. 
5-Knock the doors next to the house where you are at. God put you where you are in this moment for a reason, maybe it`s not the person who you wrote in your plans, but that was a way to get you to the person who is ready.  
Felt really great this week, found lots of news, taught lots of lessons, talked with lots of people. We have two people who I am really excited about: 
    A- is the mother of a reference that the Elders gave us--she lives next door. We went the first night and taught her LDM. Yesterday we went back and she had read what we left in 3 NE 11 and loved it. We taught her lesson 1, and she said that she felt really happy, and we identified it as the Spirit. We wanted to invite her to be baptized, but we already gave a lot of commitments, and she is excited to watch General Conferece--but on her own computer. But we are going to invite her next time to be baptized. 
   M-!! She is a woman that we found last Sunday, that loved the Book of Mormon. We taught her daughter LDM the week before, and when we went back for the appointment, she wasn`t there, but M- was, and said that she had started to read the LDM we had left. We went back during the week and taught her Lesson 1--which she also loved and was super excited to go to church, and to the baptism Saturday night. We invited her to be baptized, and she said no, but only because she was baptized when she had 6 meses. But, she is against baptizing babies. So we are going to talk to her about that next time and I know that she will accept the fecha. When we went Saturday night, it was her granddaughter`s birthday, and the whole family was there--she thought they were going to do it somewhere else. So she was super sad to not be able to go to the baptism. But Sunday morning she was ready when we came, and the Presidente de Rama came to pick her up in his auto, since she can`t walk super far. She loved the church, and stayed for Principios de Evangelio and had lots of comments. And she started to talk to the members by herself, and it looks like she already knows some of them! Sweet. An hermana took her home after the 2nd hour, and M- told her that she needed a skirt, since that is what everyone else wore, and that she is super excited for when we come on Tuesday. And that she wants to come to the conferencia in CHIVILCOY on Sunday to listen to the profeta!! La Hermana came back and told us that and said that she would talk to the hermanas to see if someone had a skirt they could give. So the members are already getting involved! And she and her husband are going to come with us on Tuesday to visit M-. And we are going to ask them to pick her up on Sunday to take her to the church to come in the trafi to Chivilcoy, since it looks like we are already going to be there for the conferencia en Sàbado. 
General Conference is Saturday and Domingo!!! I am sooooo excited!! It is going to be amazing, and the Spirit is going to be so strong! 
WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Prepare for General Conference!!! During your scripture study this week, pray and write down a few questions that you would like answered. Pray to receive inspiration from the Spirit during the conference to know the answers to your questions. Take notes during each session, noting the things they say that specifically relate. Then review your notes afterwards and create an action plan! I know that as we go to Conference prepared, we will find even more answers, and it will be much more spiritual. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Durfee

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