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Oct. 19, 2015 No hay cual cosa como el limites!!:D

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                Oct. 19, 2015
Lots of running around this week! We had divisiones with Padua and with Ramos Mejìa. Lots of working on door contacts and street contacting, and how to make a contact shorter, more powerful, and how to start testifying and teaching from the beginning of every contact.
    Our President has given us a new standard of excellence: Find one "elegido" (elect) before lunch! We are working on doing that, and have found them about half of the days this week.  Some of them live in our area, and we are finding lots of references for other areas, so that`s super exciting! During the divisiones, we had one of the hermanas from Padua here with my comp, and the other hermana had already served here. So they found one of her antiguos on Tuesday when we did divisiones, so we are teaching them now--they are R- and J-. R- is super ready to be baptized--she already read the whole BOM etc. and is only waiting to get baptized with J-. The only problem is that J- goes to visit her Dad every weekend in Ramos Mejìa, and he is slightly atheist. So he doesn`t want to bring her, and he also doesn`t want to leave her with a member that he doesn`t know to bring her. But I think that as J- gains her own testimony that will help her to be more insistent with her dad, too.
    Saturday was a super great day! S- is our progressing investigator. He is the hermanito of a converso recièn, so his brother is helping him to come, and he is progressing a lot! We taught him on Saturday about the 2,000 stripling warriors (since he is also a young man), and we gave him a calender with the times, where, and what we were going to teach him each day. He is going to get baptized next Saturday, 31/10! He is super capo--he reads whole chapters and prays really well. He is super shy, so he doesn`t talk very much. So we had the idea to have him write a talk to see how much he really understands. But it seems like he understands really well. We are super excited for his progress!
     On Thursday we were heading for R-and J- and a chico ran after us and asked if we were mormons. He said that he knows one of the family`s in the ward, and we got his direction to go visit him. That`s one of those things that every missionary wants to happen--someone comes up in the street and asks them to teach them! So Saturday after S- we went to Ja-`s house and he said that he`s atheist, but he wants to have faith and believe. We taught him about the Book of Mormon, prayer, and going to church. He said that he would go on Sunday. Sunday he didn`t end up going, since he slept in, but he came to church in the evening for an appointment to talk to us, and we taught him Lesson 1, accompanied by a converso recièn. It appears that he has real intent, and we are going to get our ward mission leader involved too, since they were friends when they were little.
    Sunday was awesome. There were 4 nonmembers in the capilla, and a couple menos activos. S- came with his brother, two members brought family members, and a new man came by himself. He said that he visited temple square in Salt Lake City and wanted to know more and that his girlfriend is mormon and told him to go to church. We have an appointment to go visit him on Saturday with a member.
     So basically, we are starting to explode the area! God is blessing us a full--we had divisiones twice last week, and one day we both went to Ramos, but we knew that God would help us for helping his hijas. And He is a full afull!!! We are super excited for the progress of the area, and are looking for more ways to improve and more ways to find new investigators and make a difference.
Weekly Challenge: Did you have a really good friend when you were younger, who you have lost contact with? Look for the way to get in contact with them again--be it through face book, a letter, or a phone call. When the time is right, bring gospel topics into your conversation and see if they are ready to listen to the gospel! Share your testimony with them in word and actions.
I love you all!
Hermana Durfee <3

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