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June 15, 2015 Colectivos y Coversiones

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                                       June 15, 2015

Wow, super crazy week, but a thousand mini miracles! Like always. :D
Next Monday we are going to the Temple como misión!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO! We are super pumped! We are losing the temple to the South Mission on July 1, so we are really happy to be able to go before that! And we are going to have a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Pte y Hna Robertson and their family! I´m so excited! (So that also means that I won´t write you next Monday, but don´t worry, because they´re giving us time to write on Tuesday.) 

We started out this week having to change our Reunión de Zona to Wednesday instead of Tuesday because of a transportation strike (so there weren´t any colectivos, so nobody could get very far out of their area). So that meant that we had to go Monday night to Las Heras so that we would make it on time Wednesday to the meeting (the bus from Lobos doesn´t leave in time). So that gave us all day Tuesday to go and do contacts ALL DAY LONG. We actually did find a few super great people that said that the other Hermanas could come back and teach them. And we also did our weekly planning. 

On Wednesday we had the Zone Meeting, and heard some really good tallers (pronounced "tie-share") about faith and about finding new people to meet. I got to give a small taller about obedience, since I am still HLE. It was really cool. After the meeting, we went to go take the colectivo back to Lobos, to find out that the next two colectivos had been canceled! So we had to wait until 3 pm to leave Loma Grande. But Hna P- said that something awesome would happen, since something awesome always happens when there are problems with the colectivos. And she was right! When we got to Las Heras, a woman got on the bus, and sat down in front of us and started talking to the Elders. They found out that she lives in our area, so they traded us seats so that we could get to know her, etc. Her name is A-, and she has wanted to talk to the missionaries for a long time. She said that they always pass by her house, but that they never hear her call out to them. But that this day she went to Las Heras by herself to go to the doctor--she said she was scared to go solo, because she might fall (she´s 70), but something (Holy Ghost!) told her to go, so she did! She is golden! We went the next day to teach her the first lesson, and she accepted a baptism date for three weeks away, but wanted it to be closer. :D And she prayed about the Book of Mormon that night, and already knows that it is true! Woohoo! We have taught her every day except Sunday, and she is progressing a fuullll! We are really excited! :D

On Saturday we had an awesome lesson with A-A-, and his family. Hna P- and I know that he is so ready to get baptized! But he is still resisting a little. For a while he said that he would only come to church every other week, since he didn´t want to commit that much. But yesterday we taught him about Día de Reposo, and he commited to come every week to church! Woot! He couldn´t come this Sunday since he worked, but he came to pick up his family after, and reaffirmed his commitment to come! He is sooo close!!! 
Saturday night was exciting, because we went to take the Colectivo for Las Heras and it left literally 5 seconds before we could get on. So that was awesome. Stake Conference was on Sunday, and we had no idea how we were going to get there on time. But luckily, the members had room in the combi that they rented, and let us ride with them. 

So Sunday we had to get up at 5 am to go get on the combi. But it had super cushy seats that leaned back, so we could (kind of) sleep on the way there. The Conference was super good. Pte Robertson talked about having 4 "bars" of spiritual signal by always praying, reading the scriptures, obeying, and serving. And he talked to all of the youth about using these steps to prepare for the mission. The Stake President and one of his counselors gave really good talks about delighting in the Sabbath Day, and also about fasting. The ride home was great, since we got to sing hymns with all of the members for a while, and also because everybody shared all of the food that they had brought. :) Saturday night we went to contact a man, P-, that we had found outside our pench. It was funny how we found him. Nobody in Argentina uses bike helmets. We were parking our bikes outside of the pench, and had the helmets on, and a man came up to greet us, and told us that he liked our helmets. He said that he wanted to get one so that he could feel safer when he bikes! Haha. So we got his name and address and permission to go visit him. When we went on Sunday, his wife, E-, was in the other room, but we sat down and started getting to know him better while we waited for her. He was super excited that we were there. So I was a little bit nervous that his wife would be super catholic or something, because he was pretty awesome. But she came in, and was also SUPER excited that we were there. They even invited us to come back for dinner another day! We taught them the first lesson, and when we asked them how they felt when we told the first vision, he said "a rejoicing"! They are going to pray to know that it is true. They are pretty golden! 

A big thank you to all that wrote me this week! I hope that you´re all well and happy, and that you are sharing this marvelous gospel!! ;D Keep up the great work! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Durfee 


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