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Aug. 31, 2015 The Iron Rod is the Word of God

Image result for Book of MormonQuerido Familia y Amigos!      Aug. 31, 2015

     We have seen many miracles this week using the Book of Mormon! We contacted a reference, who is also an Antigua Investigadora, and set a cita to come back. When we arrived, she let us in and told us to present our message. She didn´t seem super open, but was willing to listen. We taught her a little bit about the Book of Mormon and how it could help her in her personal life. When we said we were going to give it to her, she said she didn´t have any money. So we explained that she didn´t have to buy it. But she still protested that it had to be expensive to print etc. We explained that that didn´t matter, since her soul and salvation were worth a lot more than the price of a book. She accepted it, and her countanance changed completely. She became a lot more open and said that she is going to read a little bit every day, and is going to pray to know that it´s true! Wow! 
   We were riding down a busy street, and saw a woman working outside. We pulled over to see if we could help, and found out that she is an Antigua Investigadora. She said we could come back later, and strait out gave us a reference for a neighbor who´s husband had recently passed away. We went strait over, and L- opened the door. She told us all about her husband´s death and other problems she was having, and we explained that we had a book that we would like to share that could help her with these problems, and permítanos pasar. She let us in, and we explained briefly the Book of Mormon and left her the intro to read. She said that she usually doesn´t let any one in her house, but for some reason she let us in. :)
   Our biggest miracle this week is G-. He is the brother of a más o menos activa. We found him in her house last Saturday and taught him about the Book of Mormon and gave him one. Then he went back to La Plata (city 4-5 hours away) this whole week (he´s studying to be policia). On Saturday when he came home for the weekend, we went to teach him and found out that he had read almost 100 pages! He said that he had had dudas about why God told Nefi to kill Laban, but then he figured it out while he continued reading. Awesome. We taught him Lesson 1, and he believed it, and said that it would be important to have a prophet hoy en día. He commited to pray about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and if the church is true. (His sister already texted him telling him that he had to pray about the church!) He said that when he gets his answer he´ll get baptized. He has a fecha for 26/9! The only problem is that we are only going to be able to visit him once a week, but luckily he graduates in 3 weeks, so the last week we´ll hopefully be able to visit with him every day! 

Other news: It´s Spring!! Everybody is leaving their houses, they are now all outside in the tardes--mucho más fácil contactarlos! Woot! That also means the sun is starting to come out more--thinking about using sunscreen--...AAND the mosquitos!! Noooo! Pulling out the heavy duty bugspray too. The other day my companion looked up, and there was a huge cloud of mosquitos above us, and they kept following us! And then I got bit. Luckily most of my mosquito bites haven´t been like this one, but these were super huge, and they made you bleed. My comp got bit by one, and her whole hand swelled up. Luckily, the aftermath of my bite was not so big. 

Yesterday we had a Muti-stake Conference. Elders Cook and Hales along with Elder Maynes of the 70 and Sister Marriott sent the thingy by satelite from Salt Lake, and Elder Gonzalez, the Pte of Sur America Sur also spoke--I think from somewhere closer to here. :) It was really good. They talked a lot about sanctifying the Día de Reposo, and to the youth about preparing to serve missions! :D

41 Day Challenge: Read the Book of Mormon in 41 days! So I looked at the English copy, and it is only 13 pages in English! I usually study the BOM slowly, analyzing all of the things with cross references, etc. but it´s really cool to be able to see the larger connections between chapters, too! Whatever you do, make sure to read every day! 

Love you all lots! 
Hermana Durfee

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