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June 27, 2015 The Book of Mormon

Querido Familia y Amigos!                                               June 27, 2015
This week things warmed up a little bit, with cloud cover, and then rain. Which was nice to not have it be so cold, but it hurt our numbers for church attendance. But the good news is that both us and the Elderes had one investigator each in the Sacrament Meeting. A-A- came with his family (the rest are all converts), and he liked it! He has been changing a TON since he started reading the Book of Mormon every day. Yesterday we went over to visit them, and his wife had just made a bunch of popcorn. So we had Family Scripture Study popcorn style! (When you finish reading the verse you say "popcorn" and get to decide who reads next). 
This week is going to be loco! I am doing divisiones with the hermanas on Tuesday, on Thursday we will have to viajar to Ramos Mejía, and Friday I have Concilio de Líderes, then we have to travel back to Lobos, and probably won´t get there until 6 or 7ish. Awesome. But the good thing about that is that it means that we are going to see un monton de milagros este semana! Since that is what always happens when we have so much time away from our area. :D 

Lots of work this week. Lots of good things are happening in the area! The best tool that we have to help people, is helping them to read the Book of Mormon! Really, if an investigator is not progressing, it probably means that they are not reading the Book of Mormon and praying. If a member feels that their testimony is weak, it´s probably the same reason. If a family feels ununited, or that something is missing, same thing. The Book of Mormon is so powerful, because it truly contains ALL of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we read, study, and apply the princples that we learn, we start to make the changes in our lives that the Lord wants--changes that lead to greater happiness and peace. I know that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God, and that we really will get closer to God by reading this book than any other. 

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Create a scripture study plan if you don´t already have one, or review and revise your current one as needed. Make sure you take time every day to read and study the Book of Mormon. Include in your plan how you will ponder, study, and apply the things that you learn in your reading! Apply the plan daily! 

Love you all lots and lots! 
<3 Hermana Durfee

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