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Oct. 6, 2014 This little sister esta en Atalaya!

Oct. 6, 2014

¡Hola familia y amigos!
This week´s weekly challenge comes from Elder Andersen´s talk.
1-Find scripture in the Book of Mormon that you know are true and share them!
2-Read the Testimony of Joseph Smith in the Pearl of Great Price out loud. Record yourself saying it, and listen to it in your own voice. Share it with friends!
3-Write me about how it went, how your testimony grows, what you learned, how much you loved doing it etc. by Monday October 13, 2014 in the morning!
So I´ve been here for about 20 years now. The work is going well. We got 5 new investigators this week. Some of our investigators with Baptismal dates are struggling, so we are going to focus on commitments, and how they can make personal plans to keep them and to get better. We are going to have a Baptismal service either this or next week depending on how our investigators are progressing.
Birdseye view of Buenos Aires
My area is called Atalaya in the Zone of Ramos Mejia. Apparently this is the hardest zone in the mission, but I think it is great! Hermana M- told me that our Zone is the most city-like of the mission. Downtown where the Mission Office/Stake Center are kind of remind me of New York City except the buildings are not quite as tall or  as claustrophobic, and there are not as many people. It takes us about 40 minutes in the "colectivo" (bus) to get from Atalya to Ramos Mejia. But our area is more of neighborhoods with lots of houses all crammed together. Some people have some yard space, but there is not a lot of green yet. But the trees have flowers on them since it is spring, so that is pretty. All of the windows have bars over them, and all of the houses have gates in front of them. So we rarely knock on doors, but rather we clap outside the gate and the people come unlock it to talk to us. A lot of people run businesses out of their houses--like mini stores. So the bars over one of the windows is changed so there is a box like space where they can pass things out. And people will come ring the bell and buy things from them. We also have a "supermercado" that we usually get our food at. It´s probably 2.5 times the size of our garage and has 5 or 6 aisles.

Hermana Durfee y Hermana Rasmuson
We had "divisiones" (splits) on Saturday and most of Sunday so I could come into Ramos to watch conferenc en ingles. My companion stayed in Atalya with anothe rmissionary so that she could be with our investigators, but unfortunately none of our investigators came. But the internet connection was bad, so we ended up listening through the radio function of the Mormon Channel. It was so great! If you did not get to watch it, por favor watch it!!!!! I loved how they had people speak in their native languages (althogh they had a translator who changed it to English since we were listening and not watching), but we could hear parts of their language when there were pauses between the words. I loved President Packer´s talk about Christ. I loved his story about how there were 18 pages of references to Christ in the Topical Guide. I am going to start studying from there to understand better the Character of Christ. Mom: To answer your question, we saw the Women´s conference in Spanish in between sessions on Sunday. I loved the focus on temples. The assistants/office elders are going to make DVDs of the womens and priesthood conference and give it to all of the missionaries. We asked them to make copies in English and Spanish, so hopefully they are able to. (The elder´s couldn´t watch the Priesthood session on Saturday because it went from 9-11 pm!)
¡Yo sé que Presidente Monson es un profeta de Dios! Cuando seguimos los palabras de él, tendrán seguridad y felicidad en nuestros vidas.

¡Les amo!
Hermana Durfee

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