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Aug. 23, 2014 MTC - We've basically been here for ten years!

Hola Familia y amigos!                                                                         Aug. 23, 2014
Provo Temple

So we've been at the MTC for about 10 years now. (OK, actually 10 days, but it's basically the same thing.) This morning seems like years ago, but four days ago was yesterday. The sense of time here is really different. 
On Sunday we went to a Devotional with Jenny Oaks Baker. She would share an experience or aspect of her testimony and then would play a song with her family (they play piano, classical guitar, violin, and cello). It was really neat. Madre would have loved it. After the devotional we got to watch a movie of a devotional Elder Bednar gave at the MTC a while ago. It was about the Character of Christ, and it was sooo good! You should try to look it up and watch or read it if you get the chance. He talked about conversion (consitently being what we know is true), and how the only way to become like Christ is to not focus on that, but to focus on other people and helping and serving them. It was really neat. Mis companeras y yo are going to try to watch that movie every other week we are here (they play movies of past devotionals from the apostles after the Sunday devotional). 

We taught the coolest lesson on Wednesday. Hermana R- and I taught A- about the Plan of Salvation the lesson before, but he had a lot of questions and it was kind of confusing. So this time we decided to go in with some answers to some of his questions, and some scriptures to share and a challenge, but we didn't plan out exactly what we wanted to say. It was so cool since we were able to follow the Spirit because we had allowed some leeway, and he prompted us to read  2 Ne 9:23 about baptism and the gospel of Christ and then challenge him to be baptized. He accepted, and it was really neat to see that. 
Notice the sister on the sign is now dressed modestly!
The craziest thing about teaching A- was that he said he was going to come in the next day to say goodbye to us, and he came in with a suit and white name badge, and it turns out he is Hermano M- and he is going to be our teacher! So that was really neat since we already love him, and also since his spanish is really good since he's been studying it for 15 years. So he pushes me a bit more than Hermano W does, which is really helpful for me. 

The Tuesday devotional was also cool. Sister Oscarson, the Young Women General President, came and spoke to us about points that help with missionary work and stories and advice from all the missionaries that had been in her family. 

Funny Moment: Hermana R- and I were studying with Hermana S's district and they were doing some role play activities for Language study. One of the Elders said that Christ died for the "pescados del mundo" (fish of the world) instead of the "pecados del mundo" (sins of the world). 

On Friday we had an adventure. Hma S- was having some health problems, so we went up to Main Campus so she could go to the doctor. And we got sent to the BYU Student Health Center so that she could get some blood work done and have get an xray. And then we went in the shuttle to another emergency center hospital in Provo to pick up some other sisters that had an appointment or something there. So we missed almost all of class. But the good news is that Hma S- injury is not that bad; the only problem is that the doctor told her not to play sports and that is her favorite thing. 

We get a "new investigator," Miguel, next week (it's really just Hmo W- though). So Hma R and I are preparing for that. But I feel like our Spanish is getting A LOT better! Just trying to speak the language as much as possible and try to listen and understand our teachers when they are speaking Spanish. 
Hasta Luego!
Con amor, <3
Hermana Durfee

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